Monday, November 26, 2007

Snow on Saturday

Thanksgiving was Thursday and Friday we all went to a friends house for our own Feast Day. The kids had a great time and Stephen has made two new friends. I've made a new "mommy friend" too. She and I share the same beliefs, worries, parenting styles and even a few similarly placed freckles. Lets not even go into the fact that we keep saying the same thing at the same time out of the blue in two different rooms. lol

Her kids came over to my kids house to spend the night. A first for Stephen - having friends sleep over. It hailed ice on the way home, not much but a little and my gods it was COLD. Low and behold - when they got up Saturday morning there was another first... it was SNOWING! It wasn't cold enough for it to stick to the ground but it was falling thick enough they ran out and twirled around - mouths open trying to catch and eat the first snow of the season.

Me, I ran out for my camera only to find that my batteries were dead and there were none to be found in the house. Oh, how I wanted a picture of my son twirling with his friends in the falling streaks of snow.


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