Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Tree

We put up our Christmas Tree this Saturday. It's a CUTE thing... only 6' tall (and fake to not bother any of our allergies)... and beautifully decorated in Red and Gold... with a lovely real vine-woven 5-pointed star on top. There are presents being hid in Robert and I's room... and present hid in the garage just waiting for an eager six year old to look upon them and open them in awe.

I have pictures of the decorated tree w/ the three of us around it... but not pictures of the tree being decorated. (sorry)

It's cold here tonight... icey and supposed to stay that way for a couple of days due to a front that has come in. If the ice isn't too bad tomorrow - I'm supposed to go to East Central and apply for courses for this January. I'm REALLY looking forward to going to college.

I'll share more later when I can but for now...



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