Friday, January 04, 2008

"I can put my tongue through the hole, mommy!!!"

These were the happy, excited, high pitched words of my six year old just minutes ago. See - he had his first ever loose tooth. He came into the room in tears because it was loose and bleeding.

It's the very middle one.

It took me a good five minutes just to calm him down and explain about baby teeth and big kid teeth. Kristy called him over to look at it and with a little jiggle and a wiggle it popped right out without any tears.

See - there it is. Such a little thing. (I think I was crying more than he was at this point)

That's when he had to hold me and be held - just to make sure it was all ok.

After that... it was a call to Grandma and Granddad to tell them the happy news. Now, being as Grandma knows Santa it's only logical that Granddad know someone... yup - you guessed it - he knows the tooth fairy. Any what did that old tooth fairy say? That Stephen was to eat as much sugary sweet things like candy and cake for the next 24 hours to help the other teeth to fall out faster. Thanks Granddad.

Stephen was all excited about this answer and ran into the bathroom to look at his new big kid tooth that's coming in and to check out the hole that the little one left. That's when he hollared "I can put my tongue through the hole, Mommy!!!". I'd forgotten how big a deal and how exciting loosing your first tooth can be. I need chocolate now... and thanks to Granddad I have to share.

Then again - can you say no to this face/smile?
I can't.
Nope... not even going to try.
...................... Must give him candy now.


At 7:36 PM, Blogger AzureLynn said...

He can get a new nick name now too!!!



Tell him we love and miss him so much! And that we are happy he's doing wonderfully with YOU!!!


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