Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Oh my goodness. The last eight weeks have been full of ups and mostly downs. I stopped working on April 19th because of ethical and legal differences of opinion between myself and the company I was working for. From that point I kinda lost my way for a while. I still functioned on the day to day but I was just... blah or was it bleh? Either way it wasn't happy-go-lucky.

About three weeks ago, Robert and I moved out of the dingy little house we were in and into an apartment with a friend of ours, Pat (he needed help and we did too). Pat has a six year old too, and so it worked out well that Stephen will have a friend (his age) to hang out with for most of the summer months.

One of the good things about the move was the ability and necessity to de-clutter and downsize our stuff. Robert and I got rid of quite a bit of things that were broken, worn down or just plain "ew" that we didn't want to haul with us to the new place or tuck into our garage for storage. I spent a good two days going through the garage, organizing just the boxes so I'd know, in a round about area, where everything was. There are still boxes that need to be gone through and junk that needs thrown away but it's one of those things that will take time.

On a pleasant note: I (along with mom [rob's mom, Vanessa]) will be going to Dallas on Saturday the 2nd of June to pick up Stephen and his belongings. Robert has to work that day, and while I could make that trek myself, I really didn't want to, so mom was more than willing to go with to get her grandson.

Well, the day is getting on and I have a list of things that need done that requires me getting away from the keys and moving.