Friday, November 11, 2005


Well - what is there to say about this week. It's been one? My darlin' has pretty much had a week from hell - which like it or not, effects my mood and week. Mine's, honestly, just been blah. I simply can't wait for it to be over and done with and get into next week. Mind you, I'm working straight through to next week.

Being as I'm the interpreter for the speech and debate team - and we have a tournament this weekend - it translates to "tired fingers, eyes, mind and body" - it also translates to "nice christmas bonus". Coupled with the fact that I ADORE speech and debate and anything theatrically dramatic - it's heaven, even if it is quite tiring. Oh, alright, it's down right exhausting. But what is life's accomplishments if we spend all our time trying to keep from accomplishing something because we are afraid or unwilling to work hard for them? I don't know either - when someone finds out - y'all let me know.

anywho - what else - I got my new car today. Okay- so it's not 2006 new, but it's new to me and while it's not a v8 ram that growled like my truck was - it's a nice little car that won't cost me 75 whenever I want to refill my tank (which needed done every third/forth day). Instead the new car takes like 25 dollars and I'm good for a full two weeks.

Yeah - I'm way tired... nap time for me. Laters.

(The holiday traveling countdown is as follows:

1 more Friday -Saturday tournament
1 more day of sleeping all sunday
1 more monday of speech and debate
1 more tuesday of OAP rehersals
1 more wednesday of football practice
1 more thursday of OAP rehersals
1 more friday of taking "peaches" to Houston and borrowing her Bug
1 more Saturday of "family time" w/mom and dad and sister in law
1 more Sunday of going to FBCG with the family and getting my "hug fix"
1 more drive up to OK (where I really want to be) for my Thanksgiving break
1 interesting week with the potential "in laws" and meeting His friends
1 harder than hell goodbye on the Sunday after Thanksgiving when He has to go to work and I have to head home
1 more Monday and week to follow- to add to the list till the 16th of December

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bradley Hathaway

There's this
lady on
da beach.





she sets her things down
waddles up to the water
gets her shins wet

looks around
and smiles.

she goes back to her things
and sits down.

she begins to apply
sun tanning lotion to her body

yes this



lady on this beach
has the nerve
to apply sun tanning lotion

all over her
over-effecient thighs.

she is done

then sighs

she lays back


she closes her eyes
and begins to sunbathe

she is CONTENT

and don't care

don't anyone dare

God's fixed

and his eyes stare...

"If only they all loved as that beauty there"

Big Things in Big Packages
by: Bradley Hathaway

Sunday, November 06, 2005

a good end to a weird weekend

Well... I am quite the happy camper today. I got a picture of my darlin' (finally) and I have to say, it's cute (it's other things but I'm underplaying it). He was trying to be all cool but the smile tells me that he totally let his buddy take the picture. :) It makes the weird weekend seem far away and not so bad.

No, I'm not sharing his pic - I don't have his permission (doubt he'd give it) but when I go up there for Thanksgiving I'll see what I can do for other pictures. Seeing as how neither of us are fans of pictures... it will be interesting to say the least.

Adios and goodnight!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Well... Varsity football for the mighty Vikings is over and done for yet another season. Our twin-city rivals beat us 9-6. Their three field goals (one of them was a 52yrds) were all it took to stop our one touch down and bad-snap-no-good-extra-point.
We played hard and were INCHES from goal line twice- almost there... then again, almost counts only (as my b/f says) in hand grenades and horseshoes. Our D-Line held 'em and kept them from getting even a single TD. (YEY D-LINE!)
Never the less, I enjoyed the game from the sidelines and was once again lucky and didn't get trampled while down there. I was however, I'm shamed to say - on Kyle Field (insert hissing sound here folks)... which is the rival Field of UT... (insert cheers and "HOOK 'em HORNS cheers here).
Just the same... I took a few minutes before the game and ambled up to the VIP Booth (hey.. my terp pass let me go up there!) and enjoyed the TOP FLOOR seats and view (for all of two minutes - which was long enough to snap a pic on my Treo and now I'm sharing it with you.

So... that is the field I got to work and watch the game on. Probably the only time I'd be happy about being on the "HOME" side of Kyle Field. Unless of course the Ags want to hire me as a terp for their football team then I will swallow my pride and wear the aTm insignia. Just don't ask me for cash... it stands for Texas A&M not ATM. ;)

Just don't tell my dad or my pastor- they will disown me- both are fanantics about UT- LOL

No - I'm not a die-hard football fanatic. I don't paint myself orange or attend/watch every game but I am colorful about my UT clothing when I'm intentionally going into Aggieland. What can I say... I'm just "cute" that way? There are several of us HORNS in the sea of marroon and white.

On to the next pic... a bit of update. Since the photo on my profile is quite old (from Nov 03) I figured I'd update (finally). It's not the best, but oh well. It's recent. It's real and it's as good as it gets at this time of night.

On that jolly note - G'nite!