Friday, August 31, 2007

The Attitude Fish - Marlin

Stephen is doing amazingly well, for any of you who are wondering. He's stayed steady at 36 pounds for the last two weeks and has a teeny-tiny version of "Dad Tummy". Stephen and I do yoga at least once a week (thanks Dawn for your influence there) and his teacher reports that he's "doing great" in her class. He's finishing his work on time, showing a real interest in the new things and willing to participate once called on.

The school and its employees are working so very well with us. They are even allowing Stephen to go by the last name of "Taylor" without a problem. I think it helps in his transition that several of his classmates, his T-1 teacher, next years 1st grade teacher and the principal go to church with us and his grandma, so all those faces are familar. Never under estimate the power of the Grandma-connection. We've worked really hard over the summer and he's putting together the puzzle pieces that make up the english language.

What else new is going on, we had a pet-death in the family... Stephen's beloved red Betta, Marlin, swam his last on Monday and so that in and of itself has been quite the teachable moment. Stephen and I bought that fish in Bryan three summers ago right before I started back working for Connie. (That's a long life for a Betta.)

Can you say "attitude"?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Bees have nothing on us

Bees look like lazy bums compared to our family and friends. With jam-packed schedules and only sleeping maybe 5 hours a night I sit back and wonder how long I can keep up.

I'm in desperate need of a nap... does anyone have a frying pan, Duct Tape or some velcro suits and wall to stick kidlet, roomie and roomies friends on? The Duct Tape is to tie the hubby down so I can be in the same room with him for more than 5 minutes in passing. (Me getting home from work and him heading out the door to work).

With as little as I feel I'm getting done at the house and as little as hubby and I are getting to spend quality time with Stephen... moving to the boonies, homeschooling and living off the land (but some how managing to keep my computer, internet, cable and AC is a must)... ok... no living off the land like they did in the 1500's... we're talking 2000 style. :D

ACK - I have no time... have to get back to a training class.

I'd post up a pic of my kid doing his saturday thing.. but i need permission from the other kidlet's 'rents in the snap shot first.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Just call me a busy bee

This summer has just flown by. It started off fast-paced with Stephen joining our family and home in June. That entire month is a blur. I can't even beging to tell you what all we did- as there is simply toooooo much to recount. I do know and can tell you that we had LOTS of fun.

July - pretty much the same thing. Lots and lots of business filled with worry over Grammy (my mom) being in the hospital.

So far August has been just as eventful. I've gained another client so that I still get a full week of work but which allows me to have the work day done and over with by 3pm. Which is a good thirty minutes before my son will be finished with his day at school.

School starts back for my little one on the 17th (just a half day but for him - by golly it counts) with his first full day being the 20th. That is also my first day to work with my new clients. Robert however, is off that entire day so he'll be the parent on call and on duty for this first full day of school. I think he's looking forward to that.

Here are my blessings and wishes for all to have a safe end of the summer and a great start to the new school year.