Thursday, June 21, 2007

Short and Sweet

My goodness the last few days ... well week has been hectic but fun.

Stephen had a blast at the zoo last Saturday with Grandma, Pat and Tanan. I have pics and will upload some soon.

Tuesday he had his "welcome to the family" party at my friend Jami's house and I was overwhelmed and awed by the level of support and caring our church family is showing.

Next Monday Stephen has an assessment at Glenwood with some reading specialists to get a better idea on where he should be placed next year as far as grade. Weither it be Kinder again, Transition or straight on to First grade. Either way, we'll continue our "home schooling" over the summer.

More later!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sunday Brushing Before Church

Sunday mornings are a hectic and busy time for us here in the Taylor household. It's worse when we wake up late- which we did this past Sunday morning. We all got up around 830 with the looming fact that church starts at 930 hanging over our heads. We have to factor in shower time, breakfast time, blog checking time and drive time. We did not however factor in Maggie brushing time. It's now on the list. Normally this cat would sooner claw you than let you brush her or pet her, however, I have my own little cat-whisperer and he can do almost anything with her and she goes back for more.

Church was great - with a showing of pictures from this past Thursday's park trip. Since I was working, Robert took Stephen to the park with many of the other same age kids from our church. Apparently they all had a great time and when I get the photo, I'll share it with everyone.

We have a busy seven days coming up. Next Tuesday we are having a "shower/party" in celebration of Stephen joining our family. We are so looking forward to it. I have training on Wednesday and Thursday so Stephen will have his first of many evenings in Grandma's care.

Well, that's all for now, Stephen and I are off to get ready to go for a short play-date with my bosses' kiddos before bringing Jaycee (the lil girl I care for) back to our house for the day while her Mommy does a full day of errands.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Father and Son time

I caught this little jem today while dropping in to grab my car charger. My sweet guys were chattering away while playing a StarWars-Lego-Gamecube-thingy. They had already played Sorry (dad won but the guys had fun anyway), had lunch and played with Stephen's Thomas the Train stuff. Video games aren't my thing but these two could play all day if I'd let them (which I don't). It's back to work I go but I wanted to share my guys with y'all.